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New Dawn Institute specializes in youth development, leadership training, and self-improvement. We offer quality services and programs to communities, centers, and youth groups throughout the world. New Dawn's exclusive two and three-year Leadership Certification Programs, with optional Youth Director Certification, are the first and only offered in our community. 

Our Vision: 
The aim of New Dawn Institute is to develop instruments of change for the self/community/world.


New Dawn strives to deliver this with a two-tier approach:

I) Development of the individual - Those who make up our communities. In order to progress from our current state, we must first change what is within ourselves. As we help develop our next generation of youth leaders, we expect our organizations and communities will too flourish as a result. Our focus is quality, not quantity. 

II) Advancement of The organization - Those who help serve and engage the individual members of the community on a daily basis. In partnering with local centers and organizations, and helping them to function more effectively and efficiently, we anticipate the positive impact will trickle back down into the individual members of our communities and help them to grow closer. 

Our Delivery and Methods:
New Dawn Institute functions locally (based in Southern California), globally (by traveling to other regions/communities) and virtually (online) to deliver courses, seminars/webinars, retreats, training, consulting services, and our exclusive two and three-year Leadership Certification Programs. 

New Dawn Institute. Envision Tomorrow. Brighter. 

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