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Aatif Abdul-Qadeer was born and raised in Southern California.  At the age of fifteen, he committed himself to Islam and made his life's passion to work for it and help inspire other Muslim youth. From a young age, he began to lead youth groups, halaqas, discussion groups, dawah programs and deliver jummuah khutbas. Since then he has lectured at various functions, organized rallies and teach-ins, and planned Islamic workshops, camps, and conferences. He has served as founder and president of various Muslim organizations and helped organize numerous youth leadership programs at campuses and masajid across the United States. He has traveled to forty-two countries across six continents to deliver sessions aimed at reviving the Islamic spirit within our youth and communities. 

Br. Aatif graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a degree in Political Science and Pre-Law. He then went on to complete his Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Arizona State University and received a certificate in Marketing from the W.P. Carey School of Business. He studied briefly in Egypt, and is currently doing a PhD in Islamic Studies. 


Since 2006, Br. Aatif has been a pioneer in the field of youth development. He has worked full-time as Youth Imam and Director of Youth Development for Islamic centers in California, the Midwest, and East Coast, where he managed a staff of twelve part-time youth coordinators to deliver leadership training, self development seminars, workshops, retreats, camps, conferences and various other programs for youth in the community. 


Currently, Br. Aatif serves as the Director of New Dawn Institute and helps deliver its one-of-a-kind leadership certification course called Illumination, as well as self-development seminars and retreats. His most popular seminar has been The Sweetness of Ibadah, which address the challenge of khushoo and taking our worship beyond the mechanics, and has been delivered across the United States as well as several other countries.

Speaker Bio - Aatif Abdul-Qadeer

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